The benefits of branded workwear


Uniforms level the playing field for the people who wear them. For example, in schools it prevents children from feeling more or less than their peers who otherwise would wear very expensive or hand-me-down clothes. Wearing the same attire also prevents someone from showing up with distracting or offensive garments. A t-shirt with a controversial slogan printed on it, for example.


Corporate clothing will allow you to market your company. Simply put, a person with a logo printed on their clothes is a walking ad. Personalised workwear is an extension of your brand.

Creates a Professional Image

Just like having a website and a good-looking business card, a uniformed staff gives a sense of professionalism. Not only will your customers think of your business of being more professional, but your employees will feel it as well. Studies have shown that workers change their attitude and even the way they think when they wear “work clothes”. This doesn’t mean that a person who’s casually dressed is not serious about their job, it only states that having an uniform allows for the brain to differentiate more easily a “work” and a “non work” state.

Apple groupTeam Building

When people wear the same type of clothes, they feel they’re part of the team. Employees that feel like they “belong” have an enhanced sense of pride in the company they work for.


Some people may not realise that wearing uniforms increases the safety of big teams. When everyone is dresses in a similar fashion, it is easier to spot a stranger among the group.

Time Saving

Personalised workwear saves time in more ways than one. When there is no uniform, a dress code must be implemented which means time spent on deciding what it is and then on enforcing it. Corporate clothes also mean that workers will spend less time deciding what to wear each morning.

Does my business need branded workwear?

A uniform is a kind of clothing worn by the members of an organisation during the activities of said organisation. At work they can also be known as workwear, work uniforms or personalised workwear, variating greatly depending on many factors such as type of industry, number of employees, and country, among others. The word “uniform” may have a connotation of “official”, “serious” or “bureaucratic” to some, but you can make them anything you want them to be.

team-photoThe implementation of work uniforms, as with everything else in life, it’s got advantages and disadvantages, some people find them professional while others think they don’t leave room for self-expression. Ultimately the decision to implement workwear lies on each company.

Does my business need branded workwear?

Some businesses absolutely need a uniform while others not so much, in fact there are some that would find it detrimental. If your company falls into any ofthe following categories then you must likely are in need of a standardised workwear.

Uniform DeliveryDelivery or at-home services

If your employees go to your customers home, then some type of company clothing is an absolute must. In order to let a stranger into their houses, people need some kind of reassurance that lets them know that the character knocking on the door is a professional and not a thief. Sure, a certified qualification will do the trick, but work uniforms will provide immediate confirmation that the person in question is trustworthy.

Health Industry Uniforms

Workwear in the health industry guarantees sanitation for the patient and comfort for the employee. Uniforms in hospitals also tend to be color coded, allowing for organisation and simplifying the identification process during an emergency. The codes change depending on where you are, but surgeons tend to wear green scrubs in clinics and hospitals. Other type of industries that may not be directly related to health, but require high levels of hygiene like spas and gyms, also benefit from  having personalised polo shirts.

Food Industry

Although today’s kitchens are filled with all kinds of work uniforms and colors, the most popular one tends to be a simple white outfit with an apron. A clean white uniform assures clients that the cook is clean and therefore its restaurant. White garments also absorb less heat than other colors, keeping the staff fresh.

Uniform WorkwearFace-to-Face customer service

If you have a store or any other type of venue where you’ll talk with the customer face-to-face, you might consider implementing work uniforms, such as embroidered polo shirts. A branded workwear will allow your customers to quickly identify your employees, which translates to a faster service.

Manual labour / Construction Industry

More than creating a brand, this types of business would benefit from custom workwear for safety reasons, like a hi-vis vest. The right attire would provide workers with the tools they need to realise their chores and reduce the chances of injuring themselves.

Pre-Event Activities to get people excited

Nowadays networking starts before the event itself. These warm up activities are tried-and-tested tricks you can use to get conversations flowing as naturally as possible at your event. All of them are nice ways to get your event started on a high note.

events crowdFind things in common

This is exactly what it sounds like. All you have to do is put people into pairs and have them find 10 things in common. There are a few variations on it; you can also put people into small groups and find things that each person has in common with 3 other group members.

Find the person who does…

When people sign up for your event, ask them to add a little fact about themselves. Print out this list and cut it into strips with a different fact on each strip. When guests arrive to check in at the event, have them take a strip of paper. Their mission is to find the person who the fact belongs to. This is a great way to get people chatting as it gives them the perfect excuse to open a conversation, as well as what they might want to have the conversation about.

young-businesspeople-bonding“Three Shining Work Moments”

The idea is to have each person share their three best-ever work moments. They say “it worked so well that I have used it over and over again with different groups.” That will give each person a chance to talk about what really makes them special, as well as the chance for other people to appreciate what their other event attendees can do. This one does take a little longer but can be very valuable. It’s always good to focus on the positives!

Two truths & a lie

Everybody’s played this game, right? Each person has to come up with three facts about themselves, two of which are true and one of which is false. Everybody else has to guess which ones are the truth and which one is the lie. It can be surprisingly difficult! Chances are you’ll learn some surprising things about the people, even if you know them pretty well.

5-word introduction

Professional events can sometimes be a bit stuffy, so this icebreaker is a good way to get people feeling a bit more relaxed. The suggestion is to get your attendees to come up with a five-word description of what they do. If your group doesn’t know each other previously, you could also have them guess what the person does. This is best done in small groups.

Hopefully by now you feel better prepared to get your guests all warmed up before your event actually starts. Whether you choose one of the simpler options like having people find things in common or a planned-out adventure, there are plenty of tried-and-true ideas out there to make your next event really stand out.

How to Choose Music for Different Types of Events

The soundtrack you choose for an event can either make or break the occasion. Whether it’s ambient music or jazz, choosing the right tunes is essential.

We’ve put together some ideas for music at events that are guaranteed to bring in that feel good factor.

music EventMusic for corporate events

Background music works best here. You’ll generally want something subtle that guests hardly notice, but that makes them feel calm at the same time. You can use music at meetings, business dinners, conferences and trade shows to enhance the atmosphere. Soundtracks help smooth over mingling and chatting, and can give a corporate event an air of sophistication.

Instrumental music works well at business events too, especially during breaks or pauses while people move from one event to the next. A string quartet, a solo piano player, or even a live singer can all work, just so long as they’re quiet enough that people can hear their conversations.

musical EventParty music

As with weddings, the possibilities for a party soundtrack are endless. They can range anywhere from house going through K-Pop to classical. It’ll definitely depend on the theme of the party, as well as who’s going! Some popular party themes and music are:

Songs from the era – 20’s through to current day

  • Love songs – great for anniversaries (what about playing the couple’s first dance song from their wedding?)
  • Caribbean – reggae, calypso, steel bands…
  • Dance – salsa, Latin, tango, merengue, cha cha, waltz, flamenco, ballroom, twist, swing, rock ‘n’ roll…
  • Country and western – bring on the line dancing, y’all!
  • Sports – official anthems, pop, commercial…

You don’t need a band or a DJ to have an unforgettable party. Create your very own playlist and if you don’t have the time to put one together yourself, choose one of the many that are already featured. Just remember to get a good stereo system!

living-tees-t-shirt-tuesday-top-copyAward events

Music isn’t just played at awards shows like the Oscars for fun. It also helps keep the event running by letting people know when it’s time to come up to the stage — or to wrap up those thank you’s sharpish.

It’s also great for creating tension and excitement. For example, during the build up to the announcement of the award anticipating music can be played, followed by a blast and fanfare on the announcement. This theme can also be used at corporate events. Your music choices will be dictated by what sort of awards you’re passing out.

Sports events

The opening ceremonies of many international sports events like Olympics, Soccer World Cup, etc that is watched by million viewers worldwide, offer musical shows in order to bring pop culture and sports together.

Another major tradition at the beginning of sporting events is to sing the national anthems of the playing teams’ countries. Not only does it officially begin the activities, but it also boosts morale and evokes national pride.

Importance of T-Shirt Mockups to Promote a Clothing Brand

It’s not just graphic designers who need t-shirt mockups to showcase their work. If you are a business owner and need to print t-shirts for the company, you’ll want a preview; if you are an illustrator, you probably need mockups to promote your designs to potential customers.

T-Shirt mockups allow you to display a logo or design on a T-shirt without the hassle of producing the garment and arranging a photo shoot to share the images with your audience. Mockups make great visual assets when it comes to promoting a clothing brand.

t-shirt-mockupsDo I need a T-Shirt Mockup?

Managing a clothing brand can sometimes become an overwhelming job, you have to be on top of everything, from fabric quality to printing fidelity and marketing. Promoting your brand is a key step of the process since it determines most of its success.

Benefits of using T-Shirt Mockups?

Instant product shots

Building a portfolio of your new clothing brand is seamless when using T-Shirt mockups. You don’t need to worry about planning a photo shoot, renting equipment or retouching the pictures, you simply upload your design to mockups and within seconds, your images will be ready to share with clients and partners, avoiding a time consuming process.

t-shirt-mockups1Different garments

Instead of buying tons of clothing garments to display your brand on different t-shirt colors, styles and sizes, use mockups to showcase your clothing brand in a wide variety of clothing items without having to actually purchase each piece.

Wide variety of models and scenarios

Finding the right model for product shots of your clothing brand can be a complicated process, and so is finding the right context in which your brand will stand out and provide the right use case environment for your consumer demographic. When using mockups you won’t need to worry about these issues since the image templates are ready for you to use. Simply browse through the apparel gallery and choose the mockups that match your audience and the brand best. Choose from male to female to kids or elder models and then select the right context.

Using a t-shirt mockup to promote your brand

There are lots of websites for t-shirt mockups, you can find from PSD files you must to edit to show your design on the fabric, to mockup tools that are built to make it easier.

Apparel offers hundreds of t-shirt mockups that will enhance the way you promote your clothing brand by displaying your design on a real t-shirt, being worn by real people in a real life scenario. These professional t-shirt mockup templates provide appealing scenarios that will make your designs stand out. You can even pick the color of the fabric and then simply add your design to the photo, it will be automatically adjusted to fit every crease, shadow and fold of the item.

Introduction to CAD-Cut Vinyl and How it Works

CAD cut vinyl

Have you ever wondered how different names and numbers are printed onto the shirts of sports’ teams? You probably haven’t, but we still have the answer – it is Cad-Cut Vinyl! As part of our printing techniques series, today we bring you a little article on the dark horse of printing techniques.

cadcutWhat is CAD-Cut Vinyl printing?

CAD (Computer Aided Design)-Cut printing is a method of heat transferring onto t-shirts and clothing. It is most commonly used for printing the numbers, names and logos onto sports t-shirts. CAD-Cut vinyl is actually the material used to print onto the fabric, and it is cut with the aid of a computer.

How does CAD-Cutting work?

The process uses different CAD-Cut vinyl materials which are cut, usually into a number or name, and then applied to the garment using a heat press. To ensure the cutting is perfect a computer is used to control the process. The picking of the excess vinyl is known as weeding. Once this has been done the vinyl is heat-transferred onto the t-shirt or garment.

cad-cut-vinylTypes of CAD-Cut vinyl

Different vinyl colours and textures can be used to customise t-shirts and clothing. The most popular vinyl is plain block colour, but also available are effects in polka dots, chevrons, animal print, jeans, army, leather, and stripes. Before you consider which vinyl to use make sure you consider all the options. Maybe green zebra will work for t-shirt printing for a school team or club – OR you can print the numbers of rugby shirts in pink polka print!

CAD-Cut vinyl can also be layered to create unique garment printing effects. The vinyl usually comes in a roll and is cut using a vinyl cutter, flatbed cutter or hand cut. Choosing the right vinyl for the material ensures it keeps its pristine condition and doesn’t peel off after washing. The correct application process is also vital as poor quality vinyl printing won’t last long.

cad cutThe most popular CAD-Cut vinyl materials are:

Airflow Heat Transfer Material – this is a breathable vinyl that allows air circulation as it contains tiny holes. This is the perfect printing solution for sports shirts.

Thermo-FILM Heat Transfer Material – a great vinyl that doesn’t absorb dyes from the fabric (dye migration) and creates a sharp and bold transfer. Great for contact sports like rugby as it’s strong and anti-abrasive. It has a semi-gloss finish and gives sports shirts a professional look.

Fashion-FILM Heat Transfer Material – this vinyl is great for fashion clothing as it’s thin and very soft, has a matte finish and is good for detailed designs.

FLOCK Heat Transfer Material – flock has a suede-like feel and finish and is perfect for layering two colours as it has a distinctive look and texture. Flock is great for printing on fashion t-shirts and clothing.

distressed logoThe benefits of using CAD-Cut Vinyl

CAD-Cut vinyl is ideal for garment printing of 1-3 colours of smaller quantities, for example, a football team’s strip.  Other benefits are:

  • Durable finish
  • Easy to apply
  • Washable
  • Available in many colours and patterns
  • Easy to add letters or numbers to an existing printed garment
  • Fast – no setup time as with screen printing
  • Matte or gloss finish
  • Can be used on any colours

The many advantages of CAD-Cut vinyl mean it’s easy to print team shirts and other garments in less than a day.

Use of Embroidery in Clothing Industry

Embroidery is best used for simple logos with clear images that don’t require many colours, which makes it perfect for a professional workwear. This also looks well on school badges, name labels, rugby shirts and polo shirts for business. Items like towels, dressing gowns, bags and pet items are also a good choice. When selecting embroidery consider the final product.

Actually, here’s a list of intelligent uses of embroidery:

medic cap, doctor, hospitalSports Teams

It has to be said that the highest demand for embroidery services comes from sports teams and associations. It is basically for ‘stash’ and everybody loves it. It makes you feel special; like part of a team, wanted. It also advertises the fact that you are part of that association to other people who will probably be thinking: “man, that association has got some really cool embroidered polo’s, they must be really good what they do!”

Common things that sports teams want embroidered are logos and crests, usually around the left breast. Some of the more adventurous clients go for embroidery on the sleeve as well or maybe something extra on the front. Logos are embroidered on the left breast so that they remain visible during a handshake.

mac and jacks

Workwear – Uniforms

It is a well-known fact that businesses that provide embroidered uniforms for their staff perform 70% better than ones who don’t. It is also true that their employees enjoy more success with the opposite sex, drive nicer cars and regularly win the lottery.

We have embroidered polo shirts, shirts and even the odd cap for businesses that want to look awesome all around the UK. We are firm believers that if more companies got their uniforms embroidered the financial crises would have ended a long time ago.

distressed logo

New Fashion Brand

There is a famous fashion brand that always embroiders a little man on a horse on to the left breast of their polo shirts, shirts and t-shirts. They have inspired many budding fashion designers to request the same with their logos. This will help their new t-shirt line look classy and legitimate in a world of new clothing brands.

New fashion designers also embroider caps and jackets too but it is important to remember that embroidery requires a certain type of material and embroidery on to t-shirts is not advised.


Printed t-shirts and screen printing are more often associated with event merchandise but because it is relatively easy to set up, embroidery is also a good technique for bulk orders. Bag and caps are popular with merchandisers and easy to embroider. Often event organisers will ask us to embroider the event logo onto bags caps and jackets for promotional items or merchandise to sell.

Introduction to Embroidery and How does it works

Embroidery has been around for thousands of years, some of its earlier forms date back to the Warring States period in Ancient China (5th-3rd Century BC). Since then the decorating technique has gone through many different hands, from royalty, going through craft enthusiasts, to computers.

Due to its smooth and professional finish, embroidery services is a preferred method for reproducing logos on custom t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies and hats. On top of that, it is also very durable and washes well, making it great for smart corporate clothing.

Embroidery-polo-shirtHow does embroidery work?

When you order embroidered clothing it will be done by an embroidery machine which will stitch the logo or slogan onto the item. Don’t be confused, this is not an ordinary sewing machine. Computerised embroidery machines vary in complexity, some may have just one needle while the industrial ones may have several that embroider different garments at the same time. Regardless of complexity, they all work the same way: the machine holds down the piece of fabric to be embroidered and moves it around while the needle goes up and down in the same place.

Cost of embroidery

The cost is based on the number of stitches the machine has to make, the number of colour threads used and the volume required. Artwork has to be supplied and adapted (digitalised) to suit the machine, which is likely to be charged as a setup cost.

EmbroideryThe technique is usually used for fairly small logos and designs on clothing. It isn’t cost effective for larger designs. The design has to be readable so it must be of a reasonable size.

Specialist embroidery service use large machines that can embroider several items of clothing at the same time, which is cost effective, while a smaller clothing enterprise will be able to manufacture less at one time and therefore slightly more expensive.

Embroidery method

Once the artwork is digitalised the machine is then set up with the correct coloured threads, the area of the garment to be embroidered is backed with a piece of material (usually white), to stabilise the embroidering and then the machine starts doing its work at great speed. Depending on how advanced the machine is, it will need more or less human input like for example, manually changing the threads.

Things to take into consideration in Creating Moodboards

Mood boardSize matters (as does position)

The positioning and size of things on your mood board should ideally reflect their importance or relationship to the original idea itself. It can be a good idea to have one image or texture that you use as a reference point for all the others, and arrange them accordingly. This serves 2 purposes, firstly, it creates a focus for all the elements on the board, secondly, it guides your client to the graphic concepts you consider to be more important.

Client’s understanding

Remember that unfortunately not all clients will understand the process of the mood board template. Your job is to create something that gives them a visual feel for where you’re going in terms of style and concept. This may mean creating 2 different boards, depending on the project.


A physical mood board is great, unless your client works on the other side of the world. Before you get too excited consider how you will present the board, in person or online? Via PDF or jpg? All of these elements will inform the way in which you compile your investigation.

Quantity of images – examples of loads and not many

Some projects require a lot of imagery, designing a complex website may need a wide range of interactions and visual codes, whereas perhaps a logo may not. Whilst you may, like me, have 50+ boards on Pinterest from which to draw your ideas, don’t overwhelm the client.

moodboard2Media (photography/illustration/3D)

Mood boards templates don’t have to be limited to illustration just because your project is about illustrating a children’s book, nor does it have to be all in 3D graphics because you’re designing a 3D video game. Be sure to draw your references from very different worlds and to communicate across all registers.

The Moodboard of Moodboards

If you really get into this like a mad scrapbooker would, you can create many moodboards for the same topic. Then, we would suggest creating the moodboard of all moodboards. This means, collecting and cross-referencing for repeating concepts and patterns, shapes, sizes and colours to really curate and refine to make the best moodboard EVER.

The Mysterious World of Mood Boards

Create a mood board

Mood boards have been used across a wide range of design related professions as a way of collecting and presenting ideas in order to enable the development of a particular project or briefing. They’ve been used quite extensively in fashion and in interior design as a way of creating inspirational collages of textures, shapes, colours and styles as a way of creating an overall look and feel of the design.

mood-board-no-16-2-littleaesthete.com_Types and Styles

Creating a mood board template can be quite a personal experience, it depends largely on how you feel inspired. It’s certainly not supposed to be a boring, unfulfilling task, but something enjoyable and fun to do.

The Physical Mood board

Mood boards of course, were originally physical objects that consisted of everything from photography to magazine cuttings and even textures, such as fabrics and snippets of other inspirational objects – you could almost consider it like a giant scrapbook. If you’re quite a hands-on person, this kind of format may suit you best.

The Digital Moodboard

Since times have evolved and we don’t always have our clients in the next room, of course even mood boards have gone digital. There are several services online that you can use to generate your boards and to share them internally with colleagues, upload them to the cloud, etc. There are equally many articles that list and review these resources.

three-feelings-moodboardWhere to get ideas

Regardless of whether you opt for the physical or digital mood board template, where you get your ideas from is really key. Imagine you have decided that your concept is ‘growth’ for example. You can imagine the types of images that google will throw up if you search for this, equally, in Pinterest, you’re likely to have some trouble since it’s a bit of an abstract thing. One way to resolve this problem and to be creative is to write a list of words related to the word (around 100) in order to help you to really think outside of the box. Then, look for images relating to these words.

Don’t forget your surroundings

Sometimes a simple trip to the library can help you to search for ideas and inspiration in a different way. This includes short mobile videos, photos, photocopying, reading newspapers, magazines and taking random clippings of things found.